Thursday, 20 October 2011

School Board

We have certainly had a beautiful fall.  The weather has been warm and dry making for great canvassing and other outdoor things.  One that my family and I really enjoy is the annual Terry Fox Torchlight Run, sponsored by the Louis Riel Teachers Association.  Bei and I walked while Alphonse just came along for the ride.  Considering he is only 19 months and Dad was willing to do the carrying, who can blame him.

One of the toughest things to do in this election was leaving the Louis Riel School Board. It was a great nine years with board colleagues and the staff at the division.  I joined the board at amalgamation in 2002.  Those first few years were very busy. 

Amalgamation was like putting the bike together while you were riding it and writing the instruction manual!  Louis Riel was a marriage of two great divisions, St. Vital and St. Boniface.  It was amazing how different both places were.  Policies and practices differed with respect to everthing, from lunch programs and practical arts to technology and transportation.

Rather than pick one system over the other, the board and senior administration took advantage of the opportunity to design new practices unique to LRSD.  It was ambitious and challenging.   The focus of everything was the best interest of kids and their education.

Today Louis Riel School Division is a provincial leader in student service supports, French immersion, student evaluation & assessment and staff supports. The divisions continuing focus is on policies and practices that put student education and achievement first while continuing to build classroom environments that recognize the incredible diversity of our community and also remain caring & supportive of all children. All of the above was accomplished while not increasing our overall tax burden on the local homeowner, an achievement that was maintained for the last four years.

I am proud of the accomplishments at LRSD and feel very priviledged to have been chair in 2005 & 2006.  It was also a priviledge to serve with dedicated trustees and educators, thank you everyone for nine great years!

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