Thursday, 13 October 2011

At home in St. Vital

Visited Sunset Drive today. Great opportunity to reflect on connections to the community.  Ducharme Agencies has been actively serving St. Vital for over 50 years and many thanks to the community for the support.

The Ducharme family has served the community in other ways, my grandfather, Louis was a councillor when St. Vital was an independent municipality and my father Gerry and uncle Albert also were priviledged to serve for a time together. 

We have seen the community grow, I myself grew up on Kingston Crescent (love that BDI ice cream) and attended Windsor School and then Glenlawn Collegiate before heading accross the road to Ducharme Agencies Ltd. after university and college. It is amazing how quickly 30 years has passed by.  I have been involved with St. Vital my entire life and can't imagine a finer community.

I  remember many a quiet summer on Kingston where outside to play was a way of life.  Safety is such an important issue for so many in the community.  I want to make sure that parents feel our children are safe and seniors know that its o'k to walk our streets.  As your new councillor, your safety will be one of my first priorities and I'm committing to you to my considerable experience working with diverse groups to ensure we can all enjoy our community in peace and safety.

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