Sunday, 30 October 2011

Breakfast at St. George

Sundays are always a busy day, more so during an election.  The nice thing about weekends is that days start with a nice quiet family breakfast.  This thought leads me to reflect on one of the more enjoyable breakfast experiences I've had the opportunity to participate in.

I've been involve with the St. Boniface/St. Vital Rotary club since 1994.  That's 17 years of fundraising, community service and fellowship.  I was even club secretary in 2002.   Rotary is a really good way to connect with people in the community and our club does a lot of work.  Over the last decade, we have raised over $100,000 for St. Amant Centre.  That is not a typo.  Your little Rotary club now annually contributes over $20,000 a year to Western Canada's leading provider of special needs services.  The last two donations have allowed St. Amant to complete construction of a "Sensory Pool".  Have a look at the attached link for more information.

Getting back to what I started with, one of my favourite Rotary experiences was serving breakfast at the St. George School breakfast program.  Once a month Rotarians attended the school on a Friday morning to help school staff serve breakfast to community kids.  This was a great program to ensure all kids had a good, nourishing breakfast so they could meet the day energized for learning.  What a way to end the week. It was really fulfilling and was a natural fit given my school board involvement. 

The program has now evolved into a snack program but I will always remember those smiling young faces. A quick tip of the hat to the staff of St. George School for their compassion and caring for our kids!

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