Saturday, 22 October 2011

The vertical integration of active living


Several posts ago, I talked about the "Live Out Loud" wall climb for Jocelyn House Inc.  I wanted to go into a bit more detail how the ideas for that came about.  Also, it is Saturday and active living certainly comes to mind.

I have had a passion for the outdoors for many years now.  Cycling has been a big part of my life for many years and it set the stage for camping, hiking, rock & wall climbing and ultimately mountaineering.

Yup, that's me on Mount Fresnoy on Canada Day a couple of years back.  A day in the Rockies, what a way to celebrate our country's birthday!  This was my second Alpine Club of Canada General Mountaineering Camp and third overall moutaineering trip.  The GMC's are a popular and well known experience in Canada's climbing community.  They are week long camps, where climbers both hard core and not so hard (myself) get together and share a few outtings, adventures and laughs.  We even share the chores.

It has been a priviledge to spend many summer days hiking in the Rockies as we did as a family last summer.  Here we are...again Alphonse along for the ride.  He had a great time, reaching out and touching nature. 

As your councillor, I commit to working with the community to enhance our active living experiences.  Everyone in the community should have access to services to improve fitness and quality of life.  We need to ensure that we maintain the services we have and make services accessible year round.   This committment is not just about civic services but also those clubs and venues that need to work with the city and also serve the broader community.

Active living is something we all can partipate in and lend a hand to. It's a way of life and an inspiration to the community for fundraising, engagement and celebration.


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