Tuesday, 25 October 2011

LRSD receives national award

In late September Louis Riel School Division won significant recognition from the Canadian Mental Health Association for its on-going work with the Social Emotional Learning Framework (SELF). 

SELF is a program that builds education in early years beyond reading, writing and arithmetic to include education and assessment in the social and emotional aspects of child development.  The CMHA recognized LRSD's leadership in this area. Leadership that is now being copied by other divisions.

Success such at this does not happen by chance or overnight.  The genesis of the SELF project began in the early days of the division back in the early 2000's and really got going in 2005 around the time I was Chair of the Board.

It was a true privilege to serve with LRSD and be part of the innovative and exciting things we have done for the children of South Winnipeg.

Have a look at the link.


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