Monday, 24 October 2011

St.Vital Curling Club

Whew, what a day on Sunday.  Breakfast with the rest of the Past Presidents of the St. Vital Curling Club and then a great sunny afternoon of canvassing in South St. Vital.  Still running into lot's of old friends and acquaintances and a great response at the doors.

The evening followed with the St. Vital Past Presidents dinner.  It was well attended with Presidents from as far back as 1967.  It's great to see these club leaders and share stories of the club and it's past.  My term was 1999-2000 and it was a very busy year.  Many thanks to my fellow board members for their assistance and support that year.

My time at the St. Vital began as a junior at age 11.  Spent many a weekend there curling and throwing rocks. At one time, I curled four times a week not including bonspiels.  Curling was a big part of my life until my early 30's.  Even managed to win an event in the big MCA bonspiel.  Shortly after reaching the men's ranks, I began coaching, which led to working with the juniors and later on to the board.  I enjoyed my time there with the many connections that were made and the skills learned in working with the St. Vital curling community.

The St. Vital remains one on Winnipeg's busiest and healthiest clubs.  A real resource for the community and a centre for activity.  Never mind the success of some of it's bigger name rinks.  Thanks to Ralph Dooley, past president from 2006-2007 for standing in with me.

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