Sunday, 16 October 2011

Windy Sunday

Wow, a bit breezy today, but had a great group to canvas with.  Got a lot done and a lot of fun connecting with the community.  Working through St. Vital is such a great experience talking to people I've known for years and renewing acquaintances with a few I have not seen in a while.

We started the day at the office and ran down several local streets. Had to keep Alphonse straped into the stroller for a bit or he might have blown away!  In all fairness, he's our greatest little campaigner at the doors with a great big smile for all the people he meets.

Family & freinds are such a big support in an endeavor like this.  They help keep everthing light and really put perspective into everthing. Nevermind making it possible to cover a lot of ground.  St. Vital is a huge diverse ward.  There is something special in every corner of it, filled with friends both old and new.

Check out today's crew!

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