Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Canoe Club Green Space

I'm hearing concerns in the Elm Park neighborhood about the future of the green space around the former Winnipeg Canoe Club and the current golf course.  This issue touched close to home as I grew up at 326 Kingston Cres. and often walked to and from Windsor school through the area using the golf course underpass.  A lot of fond memories of that playful childhood time.

This area has a rich history for the community of Elm Park. At one time the park area extended all the way from Kingston Cres. to St. Mary's Rd. It has been an exhibition area, green space, private club and most recently a public golf course and residential housing area.

Above is a  great picture of the park in its earliest form.

As a city councillor I would oppose plans to convert the remaining green space to condominiums and would work with residents to preserve and protect some of the last parts left of Elm Park.

Thank you to area residents for building the attached link for more information in this important community issue.


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