Saturday, 5 November 2011

Riverside Lions Estates

Busy day yesterday visiting with folks at Riverside Lions Estates.  Really good conversations and with plenty of dialogue about issues that are important to seniors.

Not surprisingly, the condition of sidewalks and snow clearing are serious issues for this community.  I am committing to work with these communities to raise the priority of sidewalk renewal and snow clearing that will reflect not just the volume of foot traffic in these communities but also the mix.

My family has a long history with this community, my father Gerry found the land for the project and we have supported the community in other ways.  Thank you to Stan Puchniak for the introduction and to Pat Dodd and Irene Henschel for their support.

Here's a picture of myself with Pat and Irene in the lobby.  The third bronze head from the left is a much younger Gerry.

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