Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fire Fighters Join The Ducharme Team!

Today was a huge day! The United Fire Fighters of Winnipeg announced their full endorsement of my candidacy for councillor for St. Vital.  What a tremendous privilege and honour to have the support of this group of brave men and women.  As an insurance professional, I have the highest respect for their commitment to public safety and acknowledge all they do for our community when they put their lives on the line.

Their confidence in my experience and skills and my support for public safety is truly humbling.  The success of the UFFW as a campaign partner is unparalleled. I want to thank Alex Forrest and his team at the UFFW and welcome them to the Ducharme Campaign.

Alex, thank you for the sign!

Have a look at the full press release issued by the UFFW. Mike Ducharme

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