Friday, 11 November 2011


Many of you have seen Alphonse throughout this election on brochures or even in person at your door.  He is named for my mother's god father, her uncle Alphonse Normandeau.  My Alphonse's great-great uncle was a young warrant officer with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.

Alphonse is on the upper right, beside him is my grandfather Ralph and on the left is Paul.

Alphonse served on a Halifax Bomber and was killed when the aircraft crashed during a training mission on March 16, 1944.    His brother, Paul, died five months later during a flying bomb raid while on leave in London.  To this day I remember my grandfather's continuing grief over the loss of his brothers. Great uncles, that I never had the chance to know.

Today we reflect on the fact that much of what we have including this by election came at great cost.  Take time today for a moment of silence and remember to wear your poppy.

In memory of Alphonse, Paul & Ralph Normandeau and Louis Ducharme.

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