Sunday, 27 November 2011

Thank you & good bye!

Well we came up a little short.  But a quick acknowledgement to our new councillor and best wishes to Brian as he serves the community.

I have to thank everyone who did support me; from my campaign team that worked tirelessly to the volunteers  that put up signs, did drops and fought valiantly on election day to drive out the vote.  A special thanks to Alex Forrest and his team of fire fighters.

The last three months were a remarkable journey and I truly appreciated the kindness of the people of St. Vital as my family and I campaigned through good weather and bad.  To all those friends we met along the way, it was wonderful to reconnect.

I also wanted to thank all the people of north St. Vital for the nine years I had the privilege of serving on your school board.   They were great moments of personal accomplishment that I will always remember.

Finally to Bei and Alphonse, nothing is more important than family.  We are embarking on a new opportunity for renewal.  The holiday season is upon us and then it's off to China!

Signing off.

Mike Ducharme

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